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November 22, 2021

A wedding is an occasion that brings in a lot of joy and vigor that leads to a new beginning for two loving souls. Either a walk on the aisle or wait on the wedding arch, both are equally special. What makes the ambiance and environment even more jovial are floral arrangements and bouquets. An amazing floral decor can work wonders in heightening the aura of your big day.

With the scales tipping towards selecting an impressive floral arrangement, it is no surprise that young couples are so particular about it. More often selecting a floral decor that duly compliments your wedding theme could be a challenge. There is no particular playbook that contains the key to choosing the best floral setup. Although, it helps to know a few things about seasonal flowers that can come in handy during selection. You can work through knowing the seasonal availability of flowers. This can help you make light work of your arrangements.

Beat the Torrid Summer

         Florida summers can get real sweltry and humid a lot faster. You need some florets that can bear the heat and still look fresh as the morning breeze.

  • Astilbe

The astilbe is recognizable by its towering fluffy plumes over fern-like plants. They thrive well in shade gardens and have an interesting contrast between blooms and foliage. With more than 25 species and 100 hybrids, they come in pastel shades like dark purple, red, mauve, and white. Astilbes work well as boutonniere with their feathery look and feel.

These monosymmetrical blooms are versatile yet gorgeous as wedding bouquets. They are one of the most popular wedding florals and come in the shades of magenta, purple, deep blue, yellow, red, etc.

  • Anthuriums

The flowers of the anthuriums are resilient and last for months after blooming. Anthuriums are symbolic of hospitality, happiness, and abundance that are the core to pleasure. The red heart-shaped flowers look amazing with the green-heart-shaped leaves.

Nothing can go wrong with roses that represent eternal beauty and poetic symbolism. The sheer number of color options that roses have makes them perfect for weddings for almost all the guests and the couple.

  • Tulips

Many consider tulip as an excellent choice as a summer wedding floral choice for their graceful stem and flowy petals. Tulips add a hint of elegance, whim, and good-old charm to wedding bouquets. Just imagine the goodness of tulips with a range of picturesque color options.

The Arrival of Fall

The fall months in Florida come in a bittersweet combination of reasonably warm summer with frequent tropical drizzles. With autumn all around, flower selection could be difficult but there are still plenty to go with.

  • Calla Lilies

This particular variant of lilies is magnificent and beautiful owing to their long petal, basal leaves. Calla lilies are one of the most popular fall wedding flowers and look fabulous as a boutonniere. Prominent shades such as white, crystal blush, wine, and mulberry complement any wedding theme.

  • Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums are native to autumn weather and bloom during the fall months. This makes them ideal for weddings with casual and rustic themes. These florals are available in a rainbow of colors that include pink, orange, green, yellow, and white. Long petals on chrysanthemums bestow a dreamy and whimsical vibe.

  • Amaranthus

One of the reasons for choosing Amaranthus as a fall wedding flower is its availability in all seasons. These flowers go extraordinarily well with the floral arrangements by providing a soft cascade and shape. Amaranthus find their use in hanging bouquets and arches equally due to their natural, organic feel.

  • Dahlias

Dahlias grow naturally well in the summer months but also do well in the early end of the fall. The primary reason is the tuberous roots of the plant. In addition, Dahlias are widely available all over the states that make them easy to source. The signature large fluffy shape and a wide color palette make Dahlias ideal for fall weddings.

  • Cymbidium Orchids

The fascinating aspect of cymbidium orchids is their longevity in scarce water availability conditions. This makes these flowers go well with boutonnieres, bouquets, and wedding arches. Cymbidium Orchids give a contrasting look when put along with greenery like lisianthus and sweet peas. Moreover, color options like burgundy, mauve, purple, green, and yellow create different color combinations.

A Cozy Winter

Florida has the mildest winter in the entire United States with a feeling of warmth and gentleness. The days feel warm and sunny with minimal heat with slightly cooler nights. It is the time for flowers with shades of white and black to take over to complete the winters.

  • Amaryllis

Amaryllis flowers are truly exotic and spectacular with great colors on display. These flowers can last way longer with good care and attention. This makes it suitable for floral bouquets and boutonnieres.

  • Sweet Peas

The most notable features of these amazing florets are the prominent tiny petals. The petals of sweet peas have a hue of pink and purple within them. Just because of the shape and size of these blooms, they go well with bouquets.

  • Camellias

These flowers are native to the late fall and early winter months. They are readily available for going into the winter wedding floral arrangements. The petals are layered in stacks that give a nice texture to camellias’ appearance.

When it comes to displaying striking contrast, anemones are the perfect example. These blooms have white color petals with pitch-black centers that make them great for modern-day minimalistic weddings. The bouquets with anemones look classy as well as elegant.

  • Carnations

The noble carnations are flowers that receive the least amount of appreciation and are highly underrated. Carnations are strong and hard that thrive and bloom during peak winter months. Surprisingly, you could actually create a chandelier out of carnations that would look catchy.

The Freshness of Spring Beckons

          With the spring season, Florida weather sees the cooler winter nights become normal. The days start to get warmer in the spring months with a gentle soothing breeze in the evenings.

  • Freesia

Freesias are warm-weather blooms that grow well in the spring months. The fragrance of this flower is pleasing and sweet and goes well with a boutonniere with boho and romantic wedding themes.

  • Snapdragons

Snapdragon has great variety in colors and variations even though they are short-lived flowers. They predominantly grow in the late fall and spring months. The name of these flowers is interesting due to to its resemblance to a dragon. When used in a bouquet they look a sculptural design.

  • Gardenias

Gardenias are the perfect spring season florals as they grow with moderately warm and humid seasons. They possess a strong yet sweet scent with big white petals. The color options come only in white or ivory but boutonnieres look expressive.

  • Peonies

Fluff and lush are the words that best describe the beautiful peony blooms. The peonies typically thrive during the late spring and early summer days. They bloom in white, pink, purple, and red shades although hybrids give way more color palettes.

  • Ranunculus

The ranunculus flowers are another native to the spring season. They start to bloom exactly at the beginning of spring and stop when summer arrives. The tight and neat petal arrangement on these blooms comes in pink, yellow, white, and orange colors. Due to the amusing shape, they are also called water crowfoots, buttercups, or spearworts. Their simplicity yet versatility is breathtaking particularly in a classic romantic or bohemian wedding theme.

With all the options, combinations, and varieties on offer, it can be overwhelming to take your pick. Things always go better and hassle-free when you have Flower Lab USA

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