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December 05, 2021

Hanukkah, The Festival of Light and Hopeful Beginnings

With the end of November, comes that part of the year where we celebrate the festival of light. It is time for the Hanukkah celebration with all its glory. Let’s commemorate the victory of the Maccabees over the mammoth Syrian army with pomp and splendor. It is time to recall the miracle of the Hanukkah Menorahstaying lit in the redacted temple of Jerusalem for eight days on the trot. All of this with just a single day’s supply of oil. Hanukkah is all about staying hopeful in the face of extreme odds. This is the celebration we need more than ever with the crazy times we are living in.

Special occasions call for exuberant arrangements. So, let's amp up the Hanukkah celebration not only with lights but also with beautiful floral decorations. There are a lot of customizations possible in terms of floral arrangements and decorations. The good part is there are a lot of combinations and patterns to choose from. With all the lighting arrangements on offer, yellow and orange blooms will complement well. Hence. Without any further ado let's go through a few of the amazing options.

A Feel of Tranquility

            This combination of florals showcases the pristine look of white blooms. Combine it along with a hint of freshness and vigor of green and you have powerful yet peaceful floral decoration. Pick a combination of white roses and green dianthus with a few blue thistles for an exuberant look.

A sense of Pristine Brilliance

           White is a color that is elegant, pure, positive, and oozes clarity. On their own, white florals have a signature that truly stands out. White lilies form that impression singularly on their own. A bouquet on the table or fireplace will enhance the Hanukkah aura.

A Color Play of Florals

           It is perfectly fine to try out some combinations with striking colors on offer. Take birds of paradise, anthurium, ginger lily, and some tropical foliage. You have a combination of yellow, red, purple, and green on display.

A Striking Contrast of Colors

            If you thought that you were done with color play, this contrast will mesmerize you in asking for more. Take some yellow roses, solidago, caramel color tiger lilies, red alstroemeria, purplish spider mum, and some green foliage. You have a great contrasting combo at play.

A Tussle of Purple and Red

           Red and purple can combine to form a great floral combination with a hint of some other blooms around for support. Purple hydrangea, red roses, and red berry accents form this immaculate combination that is pleasing to the eye.

A Match-Up With Orange and Yellow

            One of the most glorious Jewish holiday floral combinations is a somber yet powerful yellow-orange match-up. Orange roses, sunflowers, green hydrangea, bear grass, and succulents come together and make this gorgeous combination. This combination is expressive of the spirit of the festival of light.

            Flower Labs USA has the ensemble collection for these amazing floral combinations that are meticulously hand-picked for this Hanukkah. The amazing workforce at Flower Labs is particular about bringing you the best luxury flowers in Miami. Our Jewish holiday flowers and decoration packages are not only spectacular but take the guesswork out. So, your Jewish holiday flower arrangements stay on point and you focus on enjoying yourself with your circle. So, say “Hanukkah Sameach” this holiday with the Flower Lab USA.


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