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October 29, 2021

Halloween Vibes With Flowers

            Halloween day is around the corner and it’s time to bring in some amazing decorations to celebrate with the dead. For all who are tired of those mainstream decorations with pumpkins, jack-o’-lanterns, and ornaments it is time for something offbeat. A spectacular way to celebrate October 31 is with gorgeous flowers and carnations. Flowers can give that oomph that your decorations demand a fabulous Halloween party. So, twist your decoration with flowers for there will be little ghouls and goblins on the streets soon. Trick or treat.

A Skull Vase with Flowers on Top

            It is time to move over the conventional glass vase for a skull shape vase. Just remove the upper portion of the skull and insert a floral foam inside it. Just try some mix and match with the choice of your flowers, blooms, twigs. Put some additional props like a spider or a centipede replica to add to the spookiness.

Pumpkin Halloween Vase

            This is a simple yet interesting vase idea. Just spray paint the pumpkin, let it dry and carve out the shapes of your liking. You have the license to go all artistic with the pumpkin carving. After you finish, cut a hole on top to remove the insides and decorate with flowers that complement your paint and the pumpkin colors.

A Combo of Flowers and Candles

           This setup looks breathtakingly beautiful if set in the ambiance of a dark room with minimal lighting. All it takes is a candelabra, candles, pumpkin, and Halloween bouquet.  Place the bouquet of various flowers with pumpkins by the side and the candelabra in the backdrop. Please make sure to avoid keeping any flammable material near the candles as a cautionary measure. The aura of the flower along with the candles is a visual treat.

A Frankenstein Mad Scientist Vibe

            Take your decorative vase game to the next level by eliminating them. Simply replace them with flasks, beakers, test tubes, bottles, etc. This is a great way of creating a mad scientist thrill without any creepiness. Just paint the glass containers with colors of your choice and go nuts with various flower combinations. The contrast between the flask and flower colors is the key in this setup.

            In all these amazing Halloween floral decoration setups, you certainly need to up your luxury flower game. What is better than letting the professionals do the heavy-lifting for you? Flower Lab USA is one such luxury delivery service operating in Miami, Florida. They deal with all kinds of luxury flowers and have garnered rave reviews as a reputed florist in Miami. Their combinations and customizations are on point and festivity-centric. So, this Halloween give the Flower Lab USA shot with your decorations.


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