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March 02, 2022

Spring is almost upon us, and it is time for the spring weddings in all of their glory. It brings a lot of hope and freshness to nearly everything we look at and feel around us. All in all, spring presents a lease of a new beginning that is unlike any other season. This season's flowers are one crucial reason for many to plan their wedding in spring.

There are a lot of blooms at your disposal to mix and match till you get at your favorite combination. In addition to the beautiful flowers, you also get to play with the beautiful green and tender succulent foliage. The gorgeous spring flowers bestow an aura of hope, rebirth, and purity in abundance. So, here are a few spring wedding flower arrangements that can gift harmony to your wedding.

An Iconic Combination of Ethereal Roses

            There are seldom any florals as simple yet classical as roses. All you require are a few roses that complement and contrast each other with their colors. Put them together in a bouquet with some fresh and green ivy foliage, and get ready for a rustic spring wedding look.

A combination of Vivid and Beautiful

            If there could be a medley of floral arrangements, this combination has to be it. This floral arrangement has the perfect display of rainbow colors and is equally vibrant with green succulents. Blooms like parrot tulips, cosmos flowers, clematis, and hydrangea combine some green foliage to complete this heavenly look.

A Shade of Bohemian Beauty

            Bohemian floral arrangements are full of softness and texture in all of their glory. This flower combination uses big and fluffy peonies and enchanting specialty roses to give the bouquet a romantic look. Wispy Thlaspi completes the combination and infuses the whimsical aspect that defines an authentic bohemian aura.

A Tryst of White with Blue Contours

           This floral combination celebrates the simplicity and joyfulness of white florets with strips of blue flowers. Spring favorite blooms like tulips, ranunculus, and sweet pea get together to bring forth this fabulous bouquet. Subtle pops of blue amid creamy white textures can spark a vibe of brilliance to your wedding.

A Combination of Minimalism and Extravagance

            Did you ever think that the combination of abstract minimalism and defining extravagance could ever exist? This combination sports a look that speaks volumes about simplicity and abundance. This bouquet has a mix of pale pink anthurium, roses, sweet pea, rice flowers, and wispy fern, resulting in an unusual color palette. The abstractness of anthurium and the extravagance of sweet peas call for a match made in heaven.

            Spring weddings feel great due to these breathtaking floral arrangements that define the wedding arrangements. Flower Lab consistently delivers the goodness of spring wedding flowers in Miami. They have received rave reviews as a leading wedding florist in the bay area with splendid floral combinations. So, if you are looking to tie your knot this spring, Flower Lab USA is your go-to wedding florist.


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