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August 11, 2022

While sending someone flowers is a lovely gesture, sometimes you want to go a little deeper and convey a specific message. Fortunately, understanding flower meaning and symbolism can help!

Along with learning about the meanings of different types of luxury flowers in Miami and their symbolism, it’s helpful to know the symbolism behind different colors. That way, you can select the best flowers for the particular occasion.

What Do Red Flowers Symbolize?

Red roses are often used to convey romantic love and passion, but they can also represent courage and respect. If you want to show someone you care, consider ordering a bouquet of red roses.


bouquet of red roses


What Do Pink Flowers Represent?

While pink flowers are also symbols of love, they relate to a different kind of love than red ones do. Pink flowers symbolize the type of loyal love between parents and children, best friends or spouses. Pink flowers also symbolize happiness and gracefulness.

2 Dozen Pink Roses Bouquet in Miami Beach

What Do Green Flowers Symbolize?

While green flowers are less common than red or yellow blooms, they are no less beautiful. Green flowers are seen as symbols of resilience, growth and good health. If you want to send a bouquet to someone going through a big change like moving into a new home or graduating from school, green is the way to go!


Alstroemeria Green Hydrangea Tulip Flower Arrangement


What Do Yellow Flowers Represent?

Sunshine yellow flowers like sunflowers and gerbera daisies can bring a smile to anyone’s face. They also represent friendship, making them the perfect choice for a bouquet to share with someone you care about.

Sunny Hat Box With White And Yellow Roses

What Do Blue Flowers Symbolize?

While they are rare, blue flowers are a symbol of peace and tranquility. Some types of blue flowers to look out for include hydrangeas and cornflowers.

Blue Orchid and Purple Hydrangea Bouquet

What Do White Flowers Symbolize?

White flowers, like all flower colors, have symbolic meaning. Purity, humility, and innocence are among the qualities commonly associated with white flowers.

Safina With White Roses

What Do Purple Flowers Symbolize?

Because purple is a rare and expensive color, it’s associated with royalty. Lavender roses and alstromeria are also symbols of elegance and admiration because they’re often given as gifts for special occasions.

Safina With White Roses Arrangements

What Do Orange Flowers Symbolize?

Orange flowers are cheerful and upbeat, making them a good choice for cheering up someone who’s feeling down.

Eliza with white and orange roses

Want to add more meaning to your bouquet?

Our artisan florists in Miami can help. Every flower has a symbolic meaning that can add an extra dimension to your gift. We offer a wide variety of flowers, from rare types of roses and orchids to common varieties like carnations and tulips. Just let us know if you have any questions about picking out the perfect bouquet.


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