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June 29, 2018

Complete Guide to Buying Her Flowers.

So you want to do something nice for your girl? There's a nearby supermarket with a flower section. Buying flowers is easy, right? But if you're like most guys, the reality is you'll stare at multiple different bouquets and arrangements  trying to remember your girl's favorite color and which flowers she'd actually like. You can just choose to just close your eyes and randomly (blindly?!) pick a flower arrangement like most guys, or you can do it the better way. There are some basic ways to make the flowers YOU buy mean a little bit more to HER. Flower Lab USA is here to help you not just pick the right flowers for your girl, we're here to help you get the PERFECT flowers for her. 

When should I buy her flowers?

Do it on a Tuesday, for no reason other than “these are pretty and they made me think of you.” Boom.

What about birthdays and holidays?

We’ve never met a woman who said, “Ugh, my birthday was going great, and then he showed up flowers. Idiot!” So, buy birthday flowers, but know that flowers given for no reason at all are even more special than those scheduled into the calendar.

If it’s a Valentine’s day try to be more creative and unique. Don’t get her a bouquet of just red roses, buy a mix of flowers or an arrangement in a hatbox. Bonus points: Throw in some cute balloons and a bottle of her favorite wine.

What kind of flowers can I mix with roses?

Alstroemerias are delightful.They’re kinda tiny, so if you’re going for a big pop with your bouquet, consider these plus some more prominent flowers in a mixed bouquet. But don’t write these guys off, either—especially for a surprise, no-reason-at-all-but-love bouquet. Aren’t they cute?

Lilies are another great flower you should consider. They come in all sizes and colors, while also having a pretty good reputation for staying alive. A blooming lily, at least to my nose, smells divine. One of my favorite things about lilies is that, with just a bit of care, the buds on the cut flowers will still bloom. So over time, you cut away the dead parts while the buds bloom fresh flowers. Two bouquets for the price of one!

Since we don’t have all day, here’s a list of some other common flowers that are good and nice:

  • Peonies
  • Tulips
  • Hydrengeas
  • Hyaciths
  • Sunflowers
  • Spray roses
  • Garden roses
  • Lilac

We will tell you more about other beautiful flowers in our next blog. For now you can download “Complete Guide to most beautiful and meaningful flowers.”



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